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CropWaterUse - A web-based tool for estimating crop water use and irrigation requirements

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More Profit Per Drop - keep up-to-date with the latest research being undertaken to help improve profitability in irrigated farming systems in Queensland

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - New version of WaterSched Available!!

A new version of WaterSched (called CropWaterSched) is now available at waterschedpro.net.au. The website that you are currently visiting will soon be removed, so you should migrate your projects across to the new version as soon as possible. This will involve setting up a new account (username and password) on the new site, and setting up new Properties, Paddocks and scenarios. The new version includes enhanced climate data from over 8000 Australian rainfall stations, Gross Margin estimates from AgMargins and a simplified report-based user interface.

Visit waterschedpro.net.au

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WaterSched2 is a web based real-time tool which requires minimal input.

It has been developed to provide guidance in enabling good decisions for irrigators and consultants.

WaterSched utlises the FAO56 dual-crop coefficient methodology to model root zone water depletion

based on real-time weather data from SILO and approved weather station networks.

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Manage a farm with multiple fields with multiple crops and different soil parameters with different planting dates in any one season.

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The tool predicts the soil water status of a field on a daily basis.

WaterSched2 can adjust soil moisture status at any given time in the season based on probe data provided by growers or consultants.

Create customised soil profiles for each field or for an entire farm using a variety of soil textures.

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Incorporates economics that generates gross margins for individual fields.

WaterSched2 can also determine gross margins for a particular irrigation strategy at a given time in the season.

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Produces both field and farm summary reports. The reports provide detailed summaries about:

  • Irrigation event forecasting
  • Irrigation event forecasting
  • Yield projections
  • Gross margin to Irrigation benefit
  • Economic summaries

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WaterSched2 uses reference evapotranspiration data based on weather station data from SILO or approved weather station networks.

Provide on farm rainfall data to generate more accurate soil water balances or use SILO rainfall for more automation.

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